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The driving force behind great action is love, and the love of a game has brought professional women’s basketball back to Kansas City. “I’m super proud of our girls,” said head coach Sarah Campbell. “They’ve worked very, very hard over the last couple of months. So we are absolutely ready to play . . . Read More
The women file into the gym, most in their late 40s to early 60s and most Asian American, every one of them eager for tipoff. It’s a Sunday morning at a high school in Huntington Beach, but these women have been playing basketball in gyms like this, on mornings like this, for decades. Today, it’s . . . Read More
Home, family and basketball have always been a big part of Jocelyn Penn’s life. All three remain important to the former Meadowcreek basketball standout with the day for her to take her place among the 2016 Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame on Friday. And all three had an influence on her return. . . Read More
Any Notre Dame fan knows this already, but I’ll tell you in case you don’t: Women’s basketball is a big, big deal in South Bend. Notre Dame will always be a football school first, but the next biggest show on campus is women’s hoops. It’s hard to describe how big it actually is until you go there. . . . Read More
Nera White, early superstar of women’s basketball, dies at 80
“Did I have game?” Nera White once remarked. “You know that move Jordan made on the Lakers, switching the ball from one hand to the other? I was doing that in the ’50s.” Ms. White, who dominated women’s basketball in the 1950s and 1960s and who was widely regarded as one of the best players in the . . . Read More
During a 20 year period from roughly 1890 to 1910, athletic activities became widely popular in the United States and were, sometimes grudgingly, accepted as part of the school program. Among the most popular of these activities was the recently-invented game of basketball, a game for boys - until . . . Read More
Sarah Campbell always dreamed of owning a basketball team. While Campbell’s dream is realized — in the form of the newly minted Kansas City Majestics — her goal now is to help the dreams of others come true. Campbell, a former Central High School and University Missouri basketball standout, is hea. . . Read More
In a small gym at the Langston Brown Community Center, the air filled with the squeak of sneakers and good-natured heckling of pickup basketball, a group of ladies ranging in age from 40 to 75-plus sits on the sidelines. They’re here to play, not watch. Who’s got next? For an hour every Wednesday . . . Read More



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